Three Sheets Season 2Like a drunken cross between Reading Rainbow and Dave Atell’s Insomniac, Three Sheets is an informative drinking show that indulges its leading man, comedian Zane Lamprey, in all types of alcoholic shenanigans. Originally airing on MOJO HD, this second season of the popular show is now being released on DVD. Though the second season collection features all 10 of the 25 minute episodes, the press screener only contains one, so I’m not able to comment on the entire season or write a definitive review on the series.

The episode in question finds our antihero Zane Lamprey travelling to Japan to investigate the local bar scene and sake in general. Though Lamprey intentionally comes off a bit knuckleheaded at times it’s clear that he’s a well-studied tour guide in the land of intoxicants. And Japan offers him plenty of opportunities to showcase his sense of humor, as well as his ability to consume alcohol. The episode is fast-paced and packed with information. The lighthearted nature of Three Sheets manages to make viewers feel like they are learning while laughing at the same time.

Among other things, viewers get to find out what makes a good sake “good,” expected bar manners, tour a sake brewery, and answer the important question of whether or not sake can leave you with a hangover. Like a class clown in a history class, Lamprey manages to convey information while still succeeding in distracting viewers from the fact that they’re being informed of anything. I’ve only seen the one episode, but I’d be glad to watch more. And if Lamprey makes another show, I’d check it out as well. 

Zach’s Rating: A-
Perfect For: The curious drunk in all of us
Stay Away if: Your comfortable sticking to Miller Lite
Watch For: Zane’s witty asides to the camera

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