This DVD, Thomas & Sarah stars Pauline Collins and John Alderton (who are in fact a real life couple) in which is a follow-up to the blockbuster British series Upstairs, Downstairs. The two being the most colorful characters in the series has Thomas being the wily chauffeur and Sarah being the sassy cockney parlor maid. The series was aired on ITV in the U.K. but it was never broadcast in the U.S. before.

In this DVD Thomas and Sarah leave Eaton Place to start a new life on their own. It begins with the two of them split up. Sarah is working as a companion with a wealthy woman and Thomas is working as a poor mechanic but he really wants to become a car salesman.

Thomas decides he wants to find Sarah in hopes of winning her back and to advance his own ambitions. The two scheme to embark on adventures of smuggling, swindling, running a matchmaking agency, working as magicians, cons and the ups and downs of their own star-crossed romance.

This series features guest appearances by Anton Rodgers and Nigel Hawthorne. Thomas & Sarah is a 4-Disc set with 13, 50 minute episodes that runs total of approximately 653 minutes. Each episode has a highly entertaining story as they go through their little adventures. This is by far a comedy drama which is very enjoyable to sit and watch with the final episode ending with a cliffhanger, which many might not be happy with, that a second series of Thomas & Sarah was meant to take up on but there was a television strike which halted its production and the new series was never completed.

If you would like to purchase your own copy of Thomas & Sarah just click on the Amazon link above and you can watch it on your own TV.

Jan Barrett

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