Thomas and Friends - Steam Engine StoriesIn 1945, a children’s book about anthropomorphic steam engines was published. “The Three Railway Engines,” created by Edmund Ward sparked the beginning of the now infamous Thomas & Friends, though Thomas himself wasn’t created until the following year, when Ward published “Thomas the Tank Engine.” From that point on, Ward published a new adventure on the mythical Island of Sodor every year, until 1972. In 1983 his son Christopher took the helm of the “Really Useful Engines” and continued the publishing phenomenom. It was in October of the next year that television producer Britt Alcroft first produced the stories for the television and the rest is history.

Now, over two decades after Thomas’s original stories aired, a three-DVD release has hit stores everywhere. Steam Engine Stories is a compilation collection featuring the three previous releases Tales From the Tracks, Come Ride the Rails and Track Stars. Each disc features 50 minutes of episodes with a “Play Continuously” option for those parents that know their kids are going to be watching over and over as Thomas, Percy, Emily, Gordon and even newcomer Molly run up and down the tracks. This collection is a nice gathering of 150 minutes of episodes and additional games and singing sections for kids to enjoy. There’s not much else to say about a collection like this. For kids who love Thomas and can’t get enough this is a no-brainer.

Tales From the Tracks features the episodes:
1. Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
2. Flour Power
3. Keeping Up With James
4. Tootful Toots
5. Magic Lamp
6. Thomas Tries His Best

Come Ride the Rails features the episodes:
1. Molly’s Special Special
2. Respect For Gordon
3. Emily Knows Best
4. Saving Edward
5. Rheneas and the Dinosaur
6. Thomas, Percy and the Golden Eagle

Track Stars features the episodes:
1. Thomas Gets it Right
2. Emily’s New Route
3. Percy’s Big Mistake
4. As Good As Gordon
5. James Gets A New Coat
6. Thomas Emily and the Snowpluogh

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: The kid with the insatiable Thomas addiction
Stay Away if: You don’t want to see any more trains on your screen

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For more information on Thomas and Friends, visit their homepage

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