I like music, I like all kinds of music. I like the Harpsichord, I like the Moog Synthesizer, I like Hymns, I like Pop. Basically I don’t care, I just like music. Some is great, some is ok, and some is forgettable. But it is still music.

And then I discovered This Ain’t Your Mom’s Hardcore, all bets went out the window.

I recall reading an article about a famous band, and the claim was, the guitarist only knew three chords, it went on to explain that you could do a lot with three chords on the Guitar. As I recall the Beatles did not use many more than three in ‘Back in the USSR’. Well three chords is approximately two and a half more than most of the artists on this DVD can muster.

I have to admit that I am still trying to figure out exactly how to categorize This Ain’t Your Mom’s Hardcore – Volume 2, it certainly does not fit into any category that we have set up on this web site. I am not actually sure it even qualifies as music.

Is Punk an actual viable music style? This DVD is a wall of discordant objectionable noise, combined with someone screaming into the microphone. I do not personally select much of the music I listen to, but you can bet the last $1 bill in your wallet that I would not be selecting this one to be added to my collection of must have items.

This is ‘aural warfare’, if this DVD was played to the inmates of Guantanamo Bay, the US Government would be accused of inmate abuse.

If you suffer from a wax build up in your ears, this could be just the item you need to break it down by sonic waves. You can get your Ear Wax remover here.

Simon Barrett


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