The Yes Men Fix The World is a true story about two mischief-makers who pose as the representatives of companies that neither of them like very much. Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno appear to have a problem with accepting no for an answer.

Andy is seen posing as a Dow Chemical spokesman when he created havoc by announcing that Dow will finally compensate the victims of the Bhopal disaster which caused the company’s stock instantly plunge by $2 billion. He made the announcement to a TV audience of 300 million viewers.

At an oil industry conference Andy and Mike try waking up their corporate audiences by taking on the world’s biggest corporation. They started by introducing a new Exxon miracle fuel made from the bodies of global warning losers. They demonstrate the biofuel made from climate change victims. It is funny to watch how the people in the audience react when they are being told that the candles they are holding are made out of dead people.

This is only one of their stunts in this film. They visit the twisted underworld of the free market. They appear on the BBC in front of the 300 million viewers and even before 1000 New Orleans contractors sitting next to Mayor Ray Nagin, while the layers of lies are peeled back to reveal the raw heart of truth, a truth that brings with it hope.

A few quotes about the Yes Men are:

“A hilarious movie… Even if you don’t agree with the Yes Men’s political agenda, you’ll get a big kick out of this movie.” – New York Post

“Comedic vigilante justice… Media savvy pie-to-the-face.” — USA Today

“Friendly amusing… Out-Borats Sacha Baron Cohen at his most confrontational.”  — Washington Post

“Great fun! It takes some nerve, not to mention diabolical intelligence… to pull off the elaborate pranks devised by the Yes Men.” — New York Times

There is a bonus feature including The Horribly Stupid Stunt where The Yes Men pose as the World Trade Organization in this legendary action. This is a film full of comedy even though some of their stunts shouldn’t be a joke.

The DVD set  has an air time approximately 87 minutes + extras. If you care to get your copy of The Yes Men Fix The World please click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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