This DVD is yet another that is out of the ‘Under Review’ stable. Take a band, or an album and stick them under the microscope. This time it is the Who that find themselves under the scrutiny of the music forensics experts.

The Who were a phenom that swept England. They started in 1964 and produced 15 years of great music. That essentially ended with the untimely death of the slightly whacko drummer Keith Moon in 1978. Keith was by no means the front man for the band, but without him The Who just did not seem to have the same spark.

The 1960’s were an interesting period in England, the youth, as so is common today, had formed into two broad camps, the Mods and the Rockers. Both were branded by their clothes and music, the Rockers rode motorbikes, wore leather and liked Elvis and the Rolling Stones. It was the bad boy image, and the Stones provided plenty of raw material.

The Mods were more fashion conscious, and their trademark was the use of motor scooters, often tricked out to rival even the finest Harley chopper! It has never been clear to me, if The Who adopted the Mods, or if it was the other way around. But the band became the clarion call of the Mod movement. Many people like to say that it was front man Pete Townsend that fostered the relationship, but I am not sure that is the truth.

The Who were one of the pioneers of the ‘rock opera’, a genre loved by the prog rock rock movement. Tommy was followed a few years later by Quadrophenia.  Both are classic works, both are still much talked about today.

The Who – The Mods – And The Quadrophenia Connection takes a critical look at The Who, and their most influential years.

You can order your copy of this great DVD from Amazon, just click on the cover art.

Simon Barrett

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