the-who-cover.jpgWhats not to love about these bad boys of rock and roll? Set for a November 18 release this 2 DVD or Blu-Ray set is going to be a must have for every The Who fan.

The DVD set is a gold mine, comprising of two shows, the 77 Kilburn concert and a rarely seen 1969 performance of Tommy from the London Coliseum. Rumor has it that these two concerts have been languishing in a film vault for decades. Image Entertainment have digitally remastered them and generally cleaned up the ancient footage. The 77 Kilburn concert was shot in 35mm and had six cameras, this was an unheard of set up for the time. Oh how times have the-who.jpgchanged! I recently interviewed videographer Dan Catullo  when he produced his last DVD for the Steve Miller Band he used over 20 high definition digital movie cameras one of which was remote controlled traveling on a 100 yard gantry mounted wire! The Who were bleeding edge with 6 cameras each of which was running a scant 12 minute film cassette. Great care was needed to make sure that all 6 cameras did not reload at the same time!

What is amazing is the difference between the 69 and 77 concerts. The 77 Kilburn concert is slickly produced by seasoned musicians, these are guys that have been round the musical block a few times. The 69 concert on the other hand is rougher around the edges, but bags of fun.

Tkeith-drumming.jpghe unique combination of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend, John Entwistle, and lunatic drummer Keith Moon make The Who the iconic band of rock and roll. The stories of their antics are enough to make any caring parent ban their children from joining a band. Wrecked hotel rooms were the norm. And I seem to recall one episode that created trouble with a TV station, Mr Moon decided to blow up his drum kit while on air! And I do mean blow it up, he had his drum kit wired with incendiary devices! Keith was the stuff that legends are made of!

This release is in conjunction with a heavy promotion on PBS who are going to be featuring the Kilburn concert in their Fall pledge drive.

petetown5.jpgIn some ways, the extras on the DVD are as important as the main concert. Included is the first ever recording of the rock opera Tommy. The eventual release of Tommy was a rock opera achievement, getting performers like Elton John to join you in an ambitious plan is quite something. But it is also interesting to see Tommy in its raw form. There are some sound problems early on in the concert, and lighting is a huge issue. I guess someone forgot to pay the electric bill 🙂 The bottom line though, is you get to experience this now classic piece of musicabillia  (I just made up that word!) in its infancy.

You can order your copy of this wonderful DVD set from Amazon, and get a quick taster from this trailer.

Simon Barrett .

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