Mango's Big Dog ParadeThe third DVD in the popular early socialization series known as The Wheels on the Bus doesn’t hit stores until early next year, but it’s already won several childhood media awards including the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval, iParenting’s Media Award and Hot Media Award, and Creative Child Seal of Excellence. A quick viewing of this 33 minute show in the presence of any tot will make it abundantly clear how deserving of the awards the show is.

Though the writers went a little heavy on the amount of “Wheels on the Bus” renditions the cast sings (including a short spanish version), the light and deliberate presentation, along with the life-sized puppets (and the towering but endearing Argon the dragon, voiced by Roger Daltrey from The Who) provide an entertaining half hour for parents and kids alike.

This episode – Mango’s Big Dog Parade – focuses on sharing, taking turns, and getting along. While Mango the Monkey and Papaya the Toucan learn these important lessons, the bus group also stops by an auto shop to learn a little bit more and take the time to eat healthily and wash their hands. The dog parade comes into play when the riders encounter a little dog named Woof who’s missed his ride to the dog parade.

There’s also a visit paid by some fairies teaching children the golden rule. The entire half hour is filled with high-paced energy, fun-filled antics, and cute puppets that kids will love. It’s also got the standard “Play Over and Over” button for parents who know their kids will be wanting to relive the adventures the minute they’re over.

Zach’s Rating: A-
Perfect For: Entrancing a toddler
Stay Away if: You don’t want to have “The Wheels on the Bus” going round and round in your head

To purchase Mango’s Big Dog Parade (available 1/22/08), visit Amazon
For more information on the series visit The Wheels on the Bus homepage

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