unborn-cover-art.jpgThe Unborn, comes from the same producers of hit films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. The Unborn is a supernatural thriller about a young lady pulled into the world of nightmares with a demonic spirit haunting her and it appears to be threatening everyone she loves.

The story begins with Casey (played by Odette Yustman) babysitting and she finds the little boy she is babysitting standing over his baby brother’s crib telling the baby to look into the mirror that he is holding it over the baby’s face. When Casey tries to stop him he hits her across the face with the mirror and repeats to her, “Jumby wants to be born!”

This causes her to have eye problems, which sends her to an eye doctor. The doctor questions her about being a twin when she was born. She says she is an only child but the doctor explains why he wondered.

Casey investigates and finds out from her father that she was indeed a twin but the other baby was a boy. Her father says it was at an early stage during the pregnancy that the cord had wrapped around his neck and he was dead in her mother’s womb. She wonders if that is why her mother committed suicide. Her father tells her that her mother was clinically depressed which caused her to kill herself. Casey asks if her brother had a name. He says no but they did have a nickname for them. She asks what her brother’s nickname was. He answers her ‘Jumby!’

still-2-unborn.JPGCasey looks through some of her mother’s old photos and she finds a newspaper clipping of an article labeled “Holocaust Survivor Remembers for those that can’t.” She reads the article and finds the name Sofi Kozma circled. Casey feels she needs to find this woman hoping she can get some sort of answers from her about these haunting dreams she has been having.

Once she finds this Sofi Kozmo, the woman freaks out when Casey shows her a photo her mother had when she was pregnant and asks Sofi if she recognizes the little boy in it. She orders Casey to get out and leave her alone. Later she calls and apologizes saying she does know more about all this and offers to explain it more to her.

When they meet Sofi says that she and her brother were twins and they both were taken to this doctor that had an obsession with twins. She said he seems nice enough to them. She explains that the Nazi’s has this theory that twins would unravel the mystery of genetics. They did some horrible experiments on them. They had this idea of finding a way to make one’s eye color change from one color to another and to do the experiments they used needles to inject into the eyes of twins. She says some went blind from it and some even died. Her brother died and two days later he came back to them only she knew from the beginning that it wasn’t really her brother. She ended up killing the demon inside him and it has been trying to get back in ever since but now it is up to Casey to get rid of it

Her first warning is to get rid of all the mirrors in her home. Destroy them all and burn the broken pieces. She is ordered to bury the pieces that can’t be burned. Sofi tells her the use of bells and wind chimes will warn her of the spirits being nearby and her only hope to break the debilitating curse is to have an exorcism with a spiritual advisor. Sofi sends her to Rabbi Sendak (Gary Oldman) that can help her.

The adventure goes on from there to see if these demons can possible be chased out. With the help of her boyfriend, Mark Hardigan (Cam Gigandet) and her best friend, Romy Marshall (Meagan Good) she plans what needs to be done.  Along the line several deaths occur but does Casey survive? Watch this film and find out for yourself what lies beyond the doorway of our world into this non-stop nightmare of the undead.

The Unborn will be coming out on DVD on July 7th, 2009. This DVD comes with the two versions all on one disc including the unrated cut that was too terrifying for theaters.

Personally I found the ‘rated’ version a little hot, the unrated cut, well, I will leave that up to your imagination. 

Clips are available of The Unborn on YouTube and they can be seen here.

You can also visit their website here.

You can pick up your copy from your favorite store or from amazon.

Jan Barrett

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