Daniel Upton and Edward Derby had been close friends since Daniel was 16 and Edward was only 8 years old. Even with 8 years of age difference, the two boys found they had so much in common, so they grew to become best of friends as they grew up. Edward was an only child with organic weaknesses causing his parents to be extra protective of him.

Edward remained single until he met Asenath Waite who was only about 23 years old with Edward being 38 by then. Asenath was a mysterious woman with a rather odd reputation. She was dark, rather small and she was very pretty but sometimes her eyes alone would alienate sensitive people. When word began to spread around about Asenath’s involvement with Edward curious things about her started coming out about her. It was said that Asenath had posed as some sort of magician at her school. She made claims of being able to raise thunderstorms, although she only seemed to be able to predict them. It appeared that all animals seemed to not like her and all she had to do was to make certain motions with her right hand to make any dog howl.

Asenath had an influence over people. She was called a genuine hypnotist. All she had to do was gaze at a particular person to cause that person to have a sudden feeling of an exchanged personality.

Once Edward met Asenath he found himself thinking of her all the time and he couldn’t help but talk about her all the time. He was truly interested in the woman. Daniel couldn’t seem to get Edward to talk about anything other than the woman he appeared to be totally infatuated with. When Daniel finally got to meet Asenath he instantly could see that Daniel’s interest in the woman was by no means one-sided as Asenath seemed just as taken with Daniel as he was with her. Edwards father even approached Daniel trying to get information on the young lady that his son was so interested in, knowing that Daniel used to have a great influence on his son. He had hoped to get Daniel to help break up that relationship between Edward and Asenath but by then it was too late. Asenath and Daniel were married about a month later.

After he returned from his honeymoon, Daniel started noticing a difference in his longtime friend but he was getting mixed feelings about them. His wife thought it was just Edward changing but Daniel wanted to shift the blame of the change over to Asenath. Daniel decides to start investigating when his friend’s behavior starts to become more erratic.

You can watch the movie yourself to find out just what was going on between this man and his bride. In fact you can watch the official trailer for the movie below.

The Thing on the Doorstep (trailer) http://www.thingonthedoorstepmovie.com/ from Tom Gliserman on Vimeo.

The Thing On The Doorstep is a stylish, new psychological horror film based on the short story by the master of horror, H.P. Lovecraft. If you decide you would like to purchase this movie you can click on the Amazon ink above to pre-order a copy. It will be released on November 18, 2014.

Jan Barrett

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