Anyone that buys lottery tickets has big dreams of what it would be like if only they could win! In this DVD, The Syndicate – Series 1, five employees from the supermarket, The Syndicate got together and formed a lottery pool and within a single moment each of their lives changed when they found out that they had not only one, but they won big.

This DVD British Drama follows each of the employees as they learn to deal with guilt, health crisis, the past and troubled relationships. Brothers Stuart (Matthew McNulty) and Jamie (Matthew Lewis) are haunted by a crime of desperation, while store manager Bob (Timothy Spall) faces a daunting health crisis, Reserved Leanne (Joanna Page) finds her past catching up with her and kindhearted Denise (Lorraine Bruce) endures a troubled marriage.

The Syndicate – Series 1 comes with 5 episodes on 2 discs:

Disc 1

• Episode 1 – Day one starts typically at the supermarket for the five employees but it ends with a birth, a robbery, an assault and a windfall that alters each one of their lives. Stuart, the assistant manager is broke and he is staying at his mother’s house with his pregnant girlfriend. Stuart and his brother, Jamie, work on a scheme to make some fast cash.

• Episode 2 – When Denise’s husband moved out of their home she goes to work on a plan to get him to come back home. The police question Stuart about a robbery and Bob’s brain scan comes back with an abnormality.

• Episode 3 – After getting his test results back, Bob looks back at his life and relationships. Stuart talks to Bob about the robbery and then he looks at Leanne for comfort. Bob hesitates when the group finds a specialist from South Africa to help Bob.

Disc 2

• Episode 4 – Stuart and Leanne share an intimate moment at Bob’s party but Leanne panics when her daughter disappears. Stuart tries to help Leanne find her daughter which causes problems with his girlfriend, Amy. Amy goes to extreme measures when she looks for revenge.

• Episode 5 – Now that he is rich, Jamie has the feeling that he is invincible but he soon learns that is not true when his shady past can still wreck havoc on his present life. Leanne faces consequences for her actions, Stuart fights with his romantic desires and Bob goes on a honeymoon, long over-due, before he goes for surgery.

This DVD, The Syndicate – Series 1 contains some coarse language and drug use. You can view the trailer below:

If you would like to own a copy of The Syndicate – Series 1 just click on the Amazon link above and order it.

Jan Barrett

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