It is high time that someone took some time out to explore this revolutionary band of the 1960’s. Overlooked by many music historians they were one of the most influential forces within the music industry itself.

While the core members Keith Relf, Chris Dreja, and Jim McCarty have largely become forgotten members from a bygone age, the guitar players that came and went through the 60’s reads like a who’s who of rock music legends. At one time or another The Yardbirds has Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and a very young Jimmy Page in their ranks.

The Story Of The Yardbirds is told archival footage and interviews, it is wonderful to see some of this old black and white TV clips. Maybe what surprised me most about this DVD is that The Yardbirds were most definitely a British band, yet much of the footage used comes from German TV shows.

The play list on the DVD is impressive, with Eric Clapton appearing on two songs, Louise and I Wish You Would, both of which were filmed in 1964. Jimmy Page an Jeff Beck are featured in numerous tracks, and the interviews with all three are great explorations into these very fine musical minds.

The Yardbirds may well have had their roots in the R&B world with Keith Relf handling vocals and an instrument not often seen today, the Harmonica. R&B may be the roots, but through their music you can watch the birth of Rock and Psychedelia.

You can pick up your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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