Math was never one of my favorite subjects in school. Oh I had no problems adding, subtracting, multiplying or even dividing, but when it came to the algebra part, I just never could understand it. Since I couldn’t understand it, I had no desire to try and learn it. I just thought I would never need math when I got got older anyway.

As I grew up though I did finally realize that like it or not, mathematics was an important part of life. It is the foundation for almost every part of our lives from finance to physics, architecture to astronomy. In this DVD set, Oxford professor Marcus du Sautoy and other experts crisscross the globe bringing the colorful history of numbers to life. The professor’s enthusiasm, energy and humor make math sound like a lot of fun.

The Story of Math comes with 4 episodes on 3 discs plus a bonus program, The Music of the Primes which tackles some of maths biggest unanswered questions, the pattern in prime numbers. You also get a 20-page viewers guide with this DVD set.

Disc 1 – The Story of Math

Episode 1 – The Language of the Universe
Episode 2 – The Genius of thee East

Disc 2 – The Story of Math

Episode 3 – The Frontiers of Space
Episode 4 – To Infinity and Beyond

Disc 3 – The Music of the Primes – The pattern of the numbers are a mystery. A renowned institute offers a $! Million prize to whoever can definitely crack their code.

If you think you are a mathematical whiz, you should check out this DVD. You might be amazed by it. To get your own copy of this DVD set, The Story of Math, just click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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