Suddenly there seems to be a plethora of documentaries about space. The Space Movie by Tony Palmer is not new, it was first released in 1979. Alas the first time around it did not find an eager audience, this time though I think it will do much better. Funded by NASA Tony Palmer was invited to create a visual history of spaceflight. With access to the NASA video vault, he created a wonderful montage of the first 10 years of manned space flight.

Even though the video footage is dated, it is wonderful to watch. The enthusiasm is infectious. Who would not want to strive for the stars?

I have to admit that I have seen some of the video footage before, but what I was not prepared for was the soundtrack. Mike Oldfield  (Tubular bells) adds a dimension to this very visual exploration of an area we know little about.

If you are a fan of this exciting part of 20th century history The Space Movie is a nust have item for your collection. You can get it from MVD Visual.

Simon Barrett 

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