This is an 11 volume DVD set of The Ruth Rendell Mysteries Collection which hits the streets on DVD on March 16, 2010. Filled with suspense and psychological depth, we have these 17 feature length mysteries which are based on Ruth Rendell’s bestselling fiction. The stars included are Colin Firth, Honeysuckle Weeks, James D’Arcy, James Calls, Amanda Redman among others. This series had aired on public television in the 1990’s.

Rendell combines plots with a keen understanding of the motivations and machinations of the human mind. These series brings Rendell’s work to life with every wicked irony and startling twist intact.

In Set 1 Volume 1 called Master of the Moor we have Stephen Whalby as a boy that took his beloved moor to escape trouble at his home. The problem is that the trouble just follows him there as an adult when the bodies of women start showing up on the rocks, heather and the bogs. The trouble really starts when a rude outsider, D.I. Manciple targets Stephen as the prime suspect in the murder of these women.

Set 1 includes 3 volumes with 4 mysteries including Master of the Moor which runs about 154 minutes, Vanity Dies Hard running about 155 minutes, and on Volume 3 the total run time for The Secret House of Death and The Double is about 154 minutes.

In set 2 Volume 1 there is Bribery & Corruption which we see Nicholas Hawthorne who has always had a mad crush on Emma who is the free spirited wife of the shipyard owner who was the boss of Nicholas’s father. When Emma is murdered Nicholas learns that Emma’s life was way more complicated than he ever imagined.

Set 2 includes Bribery & Corruption and Front Seat which runs approx. 156 minutes, A Case of Coincidence and A Dark Blue Perfume which runs approx. 157 minutes and May & June and Orchard Walls which has a total running time of approx. 153 minutes.

Set 3 Volume 1, Going Wrong shows us  Guy Curran and Leonora Chisholm as wild teenagers that really believed they were soul mates, Eight years later when they meet again Guy wants to reclaim her as his love no matter who tries to get in the way.

Set 3 starts with Going Wrong with it running about 156 minutes, then Harm Done and The Fallen Curtain with both totals run time at approx. 51 minutes and Lake of Darkness and You Can’t Be Too Careful with the run time as approx. 153 minutes.

In set 4 volume 1 in Simisola, Dr. Raymond Akandea, Inspector Wexford’s Nigerian born physician, asks the detective chief inspector to find his 22 year old daughter, Melanie that mysteriously disappeared. In amidst of the investigation Wexford and DI Burden run across the body of Annette Bystock strangled in her apartment. She was an advisor at the job center and coincidentally was the last person to have seen Melanie. The mystery here is, is there a connection between Annette’s death and Melanie’s disappearance.

Set 4 has Simisola with the running time of 152 minutes and Road Rage which runs approx. 201 minutes.

This makes for a good entertainment for mystery lovers. You could sit back and enjoy this 11 Volume Boxed Set at your own convenience and time in your own home especially if you are bored with the regular TV programs being aired on TV these days.

To get your copy of The Ruth Rendell Mysteries Collection, just click on the Amazon icon at the top of this article. I don’t think you would be disappointed in doing so.

Jan Barrett

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