Before I married my husband, Simon, I didn’t know a lot about the countries across the “pond” from North America. I knew England had a Queen where we have a president. I knew people in England spoke with an English accent where Americans have several different accents depending on what part of the country you live in. My point is I never thought much about the history of England.

When we started receiving these DVD’s about various subjects involving Britain I started noticing a lot of things I never knew before but this DVD teaches more on the subject of History, particularly the Roman Invasion.

The Roman Invasion of Britain is a three part documentary that covers a little known but pivotal period in Britain and Roman history. It is filled with interviews with known historians and has some spectacular reenactments.

Due to the motivation of an emperor’s greed and political ambition, Rome added to its empire only to change the land and the people forever. This documentary is narrated by historian Bettany Hughes as she examines new research and evidence by archeologists to reveal the brutal realities of the Roman conquest. She guides us through the scheming politicians, beleaguered generals and fiery revolutionaries, including Queen Boudicca, the wronged woman who mobilized her people for a bloody and tragic revolt.

There are three episodes on this DVD that is packed with drama and detail. This series tells all about how a nation sprung from 400 years of subjugation.

  • Episode I – Onslaught – Claudius sends 40,000 troops to conquer Britannia mostly to make himself look good in the public eye.
  • Episode 2 – Revolt – Boudicca and her E. Angelia clan led the 17 year Gorilla War. They wipe roman colony Colchester, London and St. Albans out which has now been proven by archeologists.  Roman rebuilds towns and a 73 mile Hadrian Wall which is Rome’s northern wall of dominance.
  • Episode 3 – Dominion – 350 years under the Roman domination proved that the Brits had a mixed existence. 10 – 15% lived well and 85% lived in harshness, hatred and fear. 10% of Rome’s military were set up in Britannia only to exploit.

The Roman Invasion of Britain includes a list of bonus features which include:

  • A 12 page viewer’s guide with time line, questions to consider, history of Rome’s failed British invasions, background on Roman and Catholic weaponry, biography of Roman historian Tacitus and an essay on daily life in ancient Britain.
  • Extended interviews with historians and bonus footage, which is an additional 14 minutes.
  • Biographies of major figures in the Roman conquest of Britain.

Anyone interested in the British History would enjoy this DVD. It could be quite educational to the students studying it in schools as well. It is a single disc and the run time of about 138 minutes total.

The Roman Invasion of Britain was presented on the UK’s History Channel but has yet to air in the US. It goes on sale on October 5th, 2010 so to pre-order your own copy just click on the Amazon link above, you won’t be sorry.

Jan Barrett

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