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I do enjoy the series of DVD’s out of the UK that form the loose ‘Under Review’ category. A band or album is analyzed by a group of experts, indespersed with interviews and comments from those involved at the time.

There are few people that would argue that the 1960’s were the decade for The Rolling Stones. As one person put it, The Stones were the antithesis of The Beatles. The Beatles were the clean cut young men that mothers would not object to their daughters dating. The Stones on the other hand were always the bad boys. That image has stayed with them today.

One of the more interesting aspects of the band is that initially they only played covers. In fact it was the Lennon/McCartney penned I wanna be your man that got them noticed, peaking at #12 in the UK charts.

The Stones real attraction was their live performance, energy exuded from them on stage.

The Rolling Stones – In The 1960’s is a two DVD set that is jammed with historical clips. Although it is now 5 decades later, there is something wonderful to watch the band as young men. Their inspiration was very much in the Blues and R&B world. One only has to look at the covers that the young band played.

Like them or hate them, you cannot ignore them as a force in music for five decades. Front man Mick Jagger brings an excitement to every song that he has ever sung.

If you are a Stones fan, or are merely curious, this two DVD set is for you. Just click on the cover art to order you copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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