To love Red Green you only need two things, a sense of the ridiculous, and a true love of Duct Tape. He is not as well known in the US as he is in his native Canada, but his style of slapstick humor is one that few can avoid.

My copy of The Early Years arrived recently, I could not wait to start popping the DVD’s in the player. My wife, (who doesn’t quite share my sense of humor) decided that it was an ideal time to scrub the sidewalk with Q-tips and a thimble of warm water! I swear that she has no sense of humor!

There is little doubt in my mind that I am going to have to go through some form of painful, long lasting, and likely humiliating penance.

Well all I can say is that I really like Red Green, he is completely off the wall. It is part sit com, part stand up comedy. To my jaded brain, it is all very funny. I was off and laughing over a quote from the very beginning. Red was appalled about the plight of animals in the slaughterhouse:

I told the wife, no meat for dinner, so we are having hot dogs.

Red Green is a comedian that has created his own world, Possum Lake. In some ways it is similar to the world of  Lake Wobegon that Garrison Keiller created in A Prairie Home Companion. Garrison had subtle humor, as opposed to Red Green just relies on true slapstick. In the world of Red Green there is almost nothing that cannot be fixed by Duct Tape, in fact there is little that is beyond human origination that cannot be built with Duct Tape. I am not sure if there is a Duct Tape hall of fame, if there is, well Red Green gets my vote.

McGuyver might be able to build an airplane from a broken lawnmower, and glossy magazines ripped off from the doctors waiting room (OK, its a bit of a tall tale), Red Green on the other hand deals with day to day problems in a more practical fashion. Almost every problem can be solved with a chain saw and an endless supply of Duct Tape.

I was ecstatic when this DVD boxed set arrived. I ripped the covering off and had the first disc in my DVD player faster than you can say Possum Lodge. My wife on the other hand thought that I was mentally deranged. She took off like a scared rabbit and hid under the covers in our bedroom.

There is something unique about unplugging your brain and just reveling in the idiocy of this series. Red Green (Steve Smith) and his nephew Harold (Patrick McKenna) are joined by an odd assortment of local ‘Possum Lake’ regulars. One of my favorites being Winston Rothchild (Jeff Lumby)  who has a job that only a mother could love, he is the owner of Rothschild’s Sewage and Septic Sucking Services. Lucky for the viewers Smellavision is not available yet!

I have heard people say that Red Green is Canada’s answer to Monty Python, I have to disagree. Red Green is a truly Canadian adventure, if I had to draw a comparison I would choose Bob and Doug McKenzie.

The only thing missing from this fabulous DVD set is the warning ‘Do not try this at home, we are what you call experts’.

It will take days to get back on speaking terms with my wife. The mere mention of Red and Green in the same conversation has her running for cover! Me? Well I like Red Green, it is harmless slapstick done with panache!

I would write more, but I am laughing too much. The best advice I can give to all of those long suffering ‘soccer moms’,  is do not let your husband read this article. To the long suffering ‘Soccer mom’ husbands, you can buy this fine DVD boxed set by using the Amazon link above. I am sure that any ‘soccer mom’ would be delighted to find this gift under the Christmas Tree.

Simon Barrett

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