In The Puppet Monster Massacre there is a group of teenagers that are being challenged to spend one night in the Wagner mansion on the edge of town. Little do they know that the owner of the mansion, Dr, Wolfgang Wagner, has concocted a monstrosity in the basement and he plans to make the group of teens become the evil monsters meal for the evening.

The Puppet Monster Massacr
e is a wild and raucous love letter to the monster films f the glorious 1980’s!

Heads will roll and felt will fly in this visually rich splatterfest. Thrill as an army of over 400 soldiers is helpless against the aroma of a thousand bunny farts, Shriek puppets make sweet monkey love in a spooky graveyard.

This is the low budget film you have been waiting for!! The casts in this DVD are the voices of Ethan Holey as Charlie, Jessica Daniels as Gwen, Steve Rimpici as Wolfgang Wagner, Bart Flynn as Iggy/Gramps and Erica Kisseberth as Mona.

You can watch the trailer teaser for the movie below:

As a warning though this DVD is intended for mature audiences. It does contain graphic violence harsh language, nudity and sexual content.

If you are into these kind of movies and would like to own a copy of The Puppet Monster Massacre you can click on the Amazon link above and order one.

Jan Barrett

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