The first time I came across The Platters, I was about 6 years old. A common heating source in England was Paraffin (Kerosene to you North Americans). The ESSO company came out with a cute advertising campaign called ESSO Blue, the theme tune was a reworked version of ‘Only You’.

From these humble beginnings I have become a fan. The Platters were without doubt a great vocal group, they are the embodiment of tight harmony. This DVD uses some vintage video footage from ‘Little Darlins’, a wonderful Florida venue that has been host to many top acts.

I love great harmonies, and The Platters are damn good at them, from ‘Only you’, through ‘Harbour lights’, and ‘Red sails in the sunset’ we are treated to some very fine vocals.

Guesting are The Crickets who do a fine rendition of ‘Peggy Sue’, and ‘That will be the day’.

In 1990 The Platters became members of the Rock and Roll hall of fame. This was the first doo-wop group to have this honor bestowed on them. If you like great harmony you should try this one out. The Platters is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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