Best of the Film Parodies, Vol. 2Aside from a few laughs and the occasional chuckle, this second volume of film parodies form the IFC channel’s reincarnation of “Greg the Bunny” offers little to get excited about. Granted I’ve never seen the original show, so I can’t make comparisons, but I would hope that the original show had more to offer than this since it’s managed to have something of a cult following, even after being cancelled.

This second volume of film parodies offers up episodes that mock Freaky Friday, Monster, Dogville, Blue Velvet, Behind the Music, American Movie, and Jon Favreau’s Dinner for Five. There’s plenty of fodder for comedy here, especially as most of the leading characters are puppets, but unfortunately almost all of the jokes fall flat. Seth Green makes a winsome appearance in one episode, which hints at why fans of the original show might stick it out with this newer version. Watching Green interact with Greg at a kitchen table is the most enjoyable moment on the DVD. In fact, the show only seems to work when it’s milking celebrity cameos, as it does with Adam Goldberg and Sarah Silverman in the Dinner for Five parody. Otherwise, the writers seem to be floundering for ideas throughout each episode, ending up with a random mix of “Sesame Street”, “Family Guy”, and whatever film they are haphazardly parodying.

While the characters are relatively original – Warren “The Ape” Demontague is a brilliant foil for Greg the Bunny, the plotlines are nonsensical and unfunny, while also managing to maintain an elitist vibe that sucks some of the comedy out of the show as well. The extras are abundant, and toss a little bit of life into the DVD collection, making for more enjoyable viewing than the show itself. I was looking forward to this show, having heard good things from various sources. The premise seems pretty solidly hilarious, but I was sorely disappointed with the actual execution.

Zach’s Rating: C
Perfect For: Film elitists who love “Family Guy”
Stay Away if: You’re under the impression that this is intelligent parody

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