I guess my wife and I just get to listen and watch more concerts than the average person, as soon as the announcer came on, we said in unison “Church Street Station, Orlando!” And we were correct, Church Street Station was a concert favorite in the mid 80’s, and this concert fits their typical make up. A headline act, in this case the three older Osmond brothers Alan, Wayne and Jay, and a couple of supporting acts, Curtis Young, and Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass.

The Osmond Brothers had made a decision in 1982 to move away from the Pop genre and try their hand at Country. This concert was filmed in 1984, so they have 2 years of practice under their belt. While they may not be naturals, they certainly look and act the part. Wearing the prerequisite color black, and suitably ‘hatted’, they treat us to a relatively short set. Takin’ Country To The City, Yes Mama, and Where Does An Angel Go. All of which are well executed, if a little lack luster for the hard core country fan.

Curtis Young does a fine couple of songs with Who Do You Know In California, and An American Trilogy.

Danny Davies & The Nashville Brass are next up. Now I may just be a fuddy duddy, but brass and country rarely seem to play nicely together unless you are looking for a Mexican Mariachi feel. A great example of that being Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire, there are hundreds of versions available, some have the trumpets, and some don’t. It is like two different songs!

Danny Davies though took it one stage further and incorporated a whole brass section, for me this just does not work.

But, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that you won’t.

Give The Osmond Brothers – Country Rockers a try at MVD.

Simon Barrett


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