Passions flare and tempers rise when three couples travel to a house for the weekend. It all begins with the arrival of Reg (Richard Briers) and his wife, Sarah (Penelope Keith). They have come to give Reg’s younger sister, Annie (Penelope Wilton) a few days break from caring for their bed-ridden mother. However Annie confides that she’s seeing someone, not Tom (David Troughton) the single young vet who’s pursuing her, but her brother-n-law, Norman (Tom Conti). Appalled, Sarah informs Norman’s wife, Ruth (Fiona Walker) and all hell breaks loose.

Seen on PBS, this DVD set, The Norman Conquests comes with 3 dramas on 3 discs:

Disc 1 – Table Manners

Sarah makes sure that Annie’s plans to run off for the weekend with Norman are cancelled. When Tom and Norman have a confrontation during dinner, Norman finds consolation in an unlikely place. On Monday morning Sarah and Norman are having tea together making a toast and a fanciful proposition. Annie struggles to connect with Tom.

Disc 2 – Round and Round the Garden

Norman arrives at the house Saturday evening. He runs into Tom in the garden, he has a strange encounter with Sarah and he gets drunks after he talks to Annie. Ruth arrives Sunday and confuses Tom about her intentions. Tom decides to overcome his shyness towards the opposite sex and takes action. As the two married couples leave the next morning there is a car accident, causing more chaos. Norman must face the women in his life.

Disc 3 – Living Together

Saturday evening Annie apologizes to Norman for not going away with him. He drowns himself in the bottle. When he passes out on the family room floor, Reg talks the others into playing a board game with disastrous results. Hostilities break out again the next day, yet Norman finds that amorous opportunities still abound. Early riser Reg gets a shock in the family room Monday morning and he is in for an even bigger one when he and Sarah leave.

The extras included with this DVD set are:
• Alan Ayckbourn biography
• Background on the plays

If you would like a copy of this DVD set, The Norman Conquests just click on the Amazon link above and order it.

Jan Barrett

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