What a fabulous piece of nostalgia. This concert was recorded at one of the worlds finest music venues, The Royal Albert Hall in London, England in 1972. The New Seekers enjoyed huge success in the early 70’s with a string of back to back hits. Need a hint as to who they are? Think Coke adverts, and the song I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing, well thats one of their songs! 1972 found The New Seekers at the very top of their game, with a number one hit in I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing, and placing second in the annual ‘Eurovision Song Contest’.

The group had an unusual make up, lead vocals were shared between two British born singers Eve Graham and Lyn Paul. Acoustic guitar and backing vocals fell to two Australians, Marty Kristian (originally born in Germany but grew up in Australia) and Peter Doyle. The final member of the band was Paul Layton, a British born Bass player.

Hard rockers they were not, but their style of light melodic music was hugely popular, garnering fans of all ages. Part of the charm undoubtedly was the simplistic and sparse use of instruments, in particular the absence of drums.

This is a most entertaining DVD and contains a great selection of their very best songs. The New Seekers penned many songs that have endured the test of time. Even my wife, who is a musical Luddite in all genres of music except Country, recognized some of the songs. A good example is ‘Streets of London’ which Ralph McTell has a huge hit with in 1975, well The New Seekers were singing it way before him.

This is one DVD you need to check out, it is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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