I need to confess something, I am older than dirt, and grew up through The Beatles phenom, and basically I did not like them. To put it bluntly I did not see any redeeming features in the band, they went from young ‘boy wonders’ to self important gurus, of the music world. I for one lost no tears when they split up, John Lennon and George Harrison went on to cultivate all sorts of pretentious music, while Ringo banged his drums at anyone that would listen. That leaves Paul McCartney, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is by far the best musician to come out of group and often overshadowed by the pomposity of John and George. Paul McCartney soldiered on, and found a wonderful vehicle in ‘Wings’, and an excellent co-conspirator in his alas now deceased wife Linda.

Rhino has just released a 3 DVD collection, a reflective look at this very gifted musician.

With over 35 years of material to choose from, this 6 hour, tour de force really spotlights this wonderful performer. Disc 1 and 2 are a compilation of his music videos while disc 3 contains footage of 3 live concerts. One of the most appealing aspects to this boxed set is the commentary that Paul McCartney adds to some of the tracks.

Why be conventional? So I will start with disc 3, the live concerts are nothing short of excellent, and my favorite is the 2004 Glastonbury Festival, with the rain teeming down, they give the performance of a lifetime, to a crowd that is huge. As he adds in his commentary “We played an encore, by this time everything was wet, I put on my wellies” (thats rubber boots for you non Brits). “Unplugged” is exactly that, an entirely acoustic set, and “Rockshow” is a rock and roll extravaganza. Filmed in 1976, it shows the young and yet still mature “Wings”.

Disc 1 and 2 are a collage of just about every Paul McCartney song you have ever heard of, and some you have probably have not! The track list is huge, and I would wear out my keyboard and my fingers just typing it in. I do have some favorites though. I am not a fan of Michael Jackson but the collaboration on  “Say, Say, Say” is spectacular, and the video outstanding. The perennial “Band On The Run” makes an appearance, featuring a montage of pictures and images of the Beatles, which is a very apt backdrop, the song is about the band after all.  My all time favorite “Mull of Kintyre” gets double billing, and I love both versions.

If you are a fan of Sir Paul, yes his is a Knight, you can order your copy from Rhino. You can also check out the trailers, trailer 1 and trailer 2. If you are still not convinced get a sneak peek of “Silly Love Songs”.

This is a great addition to anyones music library, it is a highly polished and professional boxed set. The extras alone are worth the cost of admission.

Simon Barrett


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