Three landmark documentaries trace the path to presidential power, from preprimary jockeying to backroom deals, convention floor drama, campaign strategy and the final vote tally. Spanning the tumultuous 1960’s they spotlight three historic races: Kennedy-Nixon, Johnson – Goldwater and Humphrey – Nixon – Wallace.

The Making of the President The 1960’s is the winner of four Emmys. It consists of 3 programs on 3 DVD’s:

Disc 1 – The Making of the President 1960

Dwight D. Eisenhower is retiring so this seems to be leaving the presidential field wide open. For the Democrats, will John F. Kennedy hold off the ebullient populist Hubert H. Humphrey and an eleventh-hour movement to the draft Adlai Stevenson? For the Republicans, how can Richard M. Dixon Ike’s heir apparent, bring his party’s liberal wing on board? Nixon and Kennedy eventually vie in the first television debates and a historically close election.

Disc 2 – The Making of the President 1964

After a national tragedy, Lyndon Johnson must choose a running mate. The choices include, the late president’s brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy who is the favorite for the Democrats but he is also considered a potential threat to Johnson’s leadership. Barry Goldwater marshal’s a “citizens army” to march to the Republican nomination against desperate panicked opposition. In a general election voters are presented with a stark philosophical choice and it marks a tectonic shift in American politics.

Disc 3 – The Making of the President 1968

The 1968 election year brings a deepening sense of national crisis. Americans killed by the hundreds in a divisive war, a sitting president shocked in the first primary, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy are both assassinated and dozens of cities torn by riots. Both major parties conventions feel like armed camps, but Chicago, cite of the Democratic event, turns chaotic and violent. When Hubert H. Humphrey, Richard M. Nixon and George Wallace face off in the general election, voters look for healing.

The Making of the Presidents The 1960’s also includes the following extras:

• Bonus program: A Thousand Days: A Tribute to John F. Kennedy (an homage first shown at the ’64 Democratic National Convention)
• Bonus program: The March of Time: Seven Days in the Life of the President (an intimate look at Lyndon B. Johnson)
• 16-page viewer’s guide, featuring Theodore H. White’s essay on documentaries, a biography of White, and articles on each election’s major issues and some quixotic campaigners
• The Contenders after Their Campaigns: updated biographies on candidates who didn’t win their party’s nomination.
• More

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Jan Barrett

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