In this DVD set we have Ian Carmichael starring as Lord Peter Wimsey in the original BBC adaptations of the Dorothy L. Sayers thrillers. On this set we have two features mysteries which runs approximately three hours each. The dramas do full justice to Sayers’s vivid characters, trenchant wit and lavish 1920’s settings.

In the first mystery called, Clouds of Witness, death hits close to home when Lord Peter’s future brother-in-law was murdered and unfortunately even though there are several other possible suspects the man that is actually accused is Lord Peter’s own brother, Gerald Wimsey, who is the Duke of Windsor. Lord Peter now has to help clear his family’s name. During the investigation it comes out that Lord Peter’s sister’s fiancé had some dark secrets of his own. It comes out that is known to be a card cheat which apparently made many enemies for him.

In the second mystery, The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, a member of the Bellona Club, General Fenteman died while sitting in his favorite chair at the staid Bellona Club but mysteriously his sister happens to die the very same day. Now Lord Peter has to determine who will inherit the sizable fortune left behind but he has to determine which one died first. When it is learned that the general had been poisoned there are a number of suspects that pop up including George Fenteman who is one of the general’s grandsons, and the one who stands to benefit the most if the general died first.

The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries: Set One makes it clear to us that even among the rich people we have homicidal maniacs. We will see Lord Peter in the proper settings of the privacy of the family estate and inside the Bellona Club.

The DVD  set with three discs includes interviews with Ian Carmichael, production notes and a biography of Dorothy L. Sayers.

If you are a mystery fan then this is one DVD set you will want to watch so why not just click on the Amazon link above and get your copy.

Jan Barrett

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