I guess the best way to describe this band is ‘full contact’. The concert is not over till someone is seriously hurt! And frontman David Yow does his best to get the mayhem started. This concert was videoed at The Venus De Milo Club (Boston) in 1994. To say this was a raucous event would be the biggest understatement in the last 30 years. These guys are hell bent on having a good time. The beer is flowing, and Jesus Lizard have conveniently left the chord book back at their moms house.

David Yow seems to spend most of his time trying to escape from the confines of the stage, and the fans spend most of their time preventing his exit. Of course Yow’s preferred exit strategy is to simply walk off the front of the stage, and on top of the heads of the crowd. The crowd meanwhile seem to think this is a bad idea (as indeed I would) and so keep pushing him back. Of course David Yow does not let a little problem like this stop him from having fun. Armed with his microphone and in mid song, he literally jumps on top of the crowd!

It is not clear if the fans liked The Jesus Lizard, or vice versa. This is more of a battleground than a concert. By the end of the night there is blood, bruising, and probably more than a few broken bones.

From a musical standpoint I give this a solid 0, David Yow ‘yows’, and the rest of the band bang and crash their way to the early destruction of the amps and speakers. But, from an entertainment perspective this scores 11 out of a possible 10 points! This DVD is too funny for words. This is the ultimate ‘Full Contact’ band. You can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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