Jena, Louisiana is a small town, a town almost no one had ever heard of prior to December 4th 2006 when a white high school kid arrived in the local hospital with a concussion following a beating by his black brethren. The story exploded across, not only the US but the entire world. The six black students were known simply as The Jena 6. What should have been a simple case of assault, moved rapidly into a convoluted case about race, and racism.

The white community was incensed over the attack, and the black kids faced an ‘attempted murder’ charge. Even worse, the legal eagles decided to try the kids as adults. The DA looking for a 100 year jail sentence.

The story actually has its roots in something that had happened several months previous. The school had been fractured over race. And some white kids had put up some nooses in a predominantly black area.

The Jena 6 story is a disturbing one. This DVD explores the story in detail. When you examine the people involved, and the crimes committed, a rather disturbing trend emerges. If you are white, you are just exhibiting youthful exuberance, but if you are black, you are doomed.

The Jena Six story is one that everyone needs to understand, and this DVD gets right to the hub of the issue.

I am old enough, and well seasoned, I know racism when I see it. Justice and Injustice are close bedfellows. Mychal Bell the supposed ring leader of the beating certainly is no angel. His rap sheet is longer th OJ Simpson’s, but was this justice?

You be the judge. Grab your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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