The Inmates are the epitome of the British Garage or Pub band genre. No frills, no expensive gear, no light show, just a great rock sound. The Inmates started life in 1977, and by 1980 had created quite the fan base.

Back In History is a wonderful trip down memory lane. The DVD is certainly not Imax quality, all of the footage has been restored from what I am guessing was 8mm home camera film. The result is a less than perfect video rendition. The sound though, is a different beast, it sounds just the way it should, slightly raw, and very intense. To the best of my knowledge this is the only DVD around of this band, which is sad, they certainly deserve greater recognition. A quick ‘Google’ of them reveals that they are still going strong and currently gigging in Europe.

Back In History contains footage from two shows, Dingwall’s in London and Nelson’s in Wimbledon. Don’t expect Big Hair, Glittery Costumes, or even the mere semblance of organization. These guys just play it the way they see it.

This is classic rock stuff, there is also a video clip available on the MVD page, I love the ‘try before you buy’ idea.

Simon Barrett

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