The Sunday Times (UK) calls The Guilty “Terrific psychological thriller” and “A tour de force for Kitchen” as it is seen on public TV.

A London attorney, Steven Vey, played by Michael Kitchen, seems like the man that has everything. He has a beautiful wife, a very successful career and lots of money to buy whatever he wants. His success as an attorney has gotten him to the top and is about to be names as Britain’s youngest judge. Life was good for Vey.

One night started a string of problems for Vey though. He was out celebrating with his pretty secretary, Nicky, played by Caroline Catz, and one thing led to another and before he knew it things got out of control and went too far for the two of them as they ended up having sex. Vey looked back at the night only being a drunken indiscretion but Nicky saw it as something different. She is accusing the young attorney of raping her.

After Nicky gives up on the idea of legal recourse, things get nasty between Vey and the secretary when she threatens to take her story to the tabloids which would obviously ruin any chances ever of becoming a judge.

A young man, a Birmingham punk comes into town and happens to meet up with Vey, who is willing to do anything to protect his reputation, offers the young man a job to help him get rid of his problem with his secretary but the problem is that Vey has no idea that this young man, Eddy Doyle, played by Sean Gallagher, is claiming to be Vey’s biological son. Something else that Vey has no knowledge of is that Doyle has previously met Nicky and has started falling in love with her.

You are kept in suspense throughout the whole show in this provocative psychological thriller. Everyone involved in guilty of something, but who is guilty of what and is justice ever served here.

This DVD set, The Guilty is sold as a 2-disc set and it goes on sale on January 4, 2011. The run time is approximately 201 minutes. It does contain some violence and brief nudity but if you like this type of suspenseful thriller this could be for you. To get your own copy just click on the Amazon link above and reserve your copy.

Jan Barrett

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