London attorney Steven Vey, (Michael Kitchen) seems to have everything a man could want. He has a brilliant career, a beautiful wife and lots of money. Now he is about to be named Britain’s youngest-ever judge so he takes his secretary, Nicky (Caroline Catz) out to celebrate with him. One thing leads to another and after getting really drunk, things get out of hand and the two of them end up having sex together. Now in his mind it was just a drunken indiscretion but to her it was far more serious, she called it rape.

Eddy Doyle (Sean Gallagher) is a petty crook that is just getting out of jail learns that the man who raised him is not his biological father. His mother doesn’t want to but she finally tells him who his real father is. Eddy borrows a car and heads to London to confront his real father but when they meet he is lured into a conspiracy with horrific results before telling Vey who he really is.

Steven knows he can’t have Nicky around after it becomes clear that she is out to seek justice by insisting that he resigns from his newly appointed judgeship in order to keep her quiet so he decides to eliminate her. Nicky’s roommate walks in and finds Eddie standing over the body of Nicky, who asks her not to tell anyone that he had been there. The roommate, Tanya Penny (Carol Starks) tells Eddy about Steven raping Nicky and later he confronts Steven about it.

This DVD set, The Guilty is one I think you would enjoy. It contains violence and brief nudity. If you would like to get your own copy of this adventurous drama, watching Michael Kitchen playing a bad guy then click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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