This is a fascinating documentary that explores the strange world of the religious zealots that use New Yorks Times Square as their Pulpit. From the Scientologist punting copies of ‘Dianetics’ at $6 a copy, to the Jewish preacher, who freely admits that he is not actually Jewish, we meet all sorts of interesting people, some with sandwich boards, some with bullhorns, and all of them are selling their own unique slant on redemption or purgatory.

The Gods Of Times Square was filmed by Richard Sandler between 1993 and 1998. This is such a fun documentary, Richard does like to bait the loonies!  The Scientologist assures him that Dianetics is his ticket to enlightenment, and will raise his IQ!

It matters little if it is day or night, Times Square never sleeps, and neither to the whacko’s plying their theories. “Television is Hellavision”, watch Letterman and go to hell one street preacher tells us. “All white people are the devil” another argues, he goes on to explain that it would make no sense for a black man to worship a white god, the Chinese have a Chinese god, the Indians have an Indian god, so why would a black man have a white man as a god? It would make no sense!

“Mickey Mouse is the anti-christ” a clerically garbed lunatic screams, Mickey is everywhere, creating havoc in our homes, and chaos across the world! Walt Disney has much to stand accountable for.

This is riotous fun, it makes me want to move to New York, all I get here in Calgary is the occasional visit from the Mitt Romney clan (Mormons) with their toothpaste ad smiles and ‘butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth’ patter.

This is a two DVD adventure, and the extras contained on disc 2 are just as hilarious. I will offer a word of caution though. My wife is pretty set in her ways when it comes to religion, and did not find the movie nearly as amusing as I did. So beware of who you loan it to!

You can get your own copy of The Gods Of Times Square from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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