What fun! Where were you in 1957? Well I was in England, and I was 2 years old, so I have to admit that I missed, or at least do not remember watching the Frank Sinatra Show on TV. I love old stuff, well I am old! And this DVD is just delightful. The original broadcast tape has been re-mastered and cleaned up. While it may not meet today’s exacting quality in video and Dolby surround sound,  it is fabulous to watch.

Frank is a young man, and he shows us just how a live TV broadcast was done. No retakes, no ‘Cut, Cut’ from the producer, you have 60 minutes, and it is up to you to fill it. Flubs, gaffs and anything else just has to be dealt with on the fly.

I love that Quantum Leap have opted to keep all of the original ‘sponsor’ messages in. This TV broadcast was made in the days where a company sponsored the entire production, in this case it was Bulova Watch. The show plugs Bulova at ever juncture, Frank wears one, and mentions it several times. The skits mention them, they are everywhere!

Take a trip back half a century and try this DVD, to say it is delightful is an understatement. Black and White, horrible sound quality, what could be better? I get many items to review, and most just get put on the ‘done’ pile; this one gets the rare treatment of going on the ‘keep’ pile.

You can get your own copy (because you can not have mine) from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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