Wild Women of WongoFor those who haven’t heard: the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys are back. Debuting a few months ago with their first title (Hollywood After Dark) and under the auspices of a new moniker (The Film Crew), they have once again set out to give bad films good commentary tracks. Releasing their sophomore effort (Killers From Space) in August, they’ve now followed it up with their third title: Wild Women of Wongo, due out September 11th.

Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, and Mike Nelson, the jokesters who make up the Film Crew, have been charged by their boss, the never-present Bob Honcho, to record commentary tracks for all bad films that are found lacking them. They work in an unimpressive basement with nothing but headphones, microphones, biting wit, and a host of hack films from yesteryear.

When Bob Honcho assigns them the 1958 cavewoman exploitation film The Wild Women of Wongo, the guys dive right in and demented (and occasionally corny) hilarity ensues. Wild Women of Wongo itself is the painfully ludicrous story of an island where one tribe (the Wongos) is made up of beautiful women and brutish, hairy men, while the other tribe (the Goonas) is the exact opposite: the men are all hunky Baywatch types, and the women are a crew of misfits. When the prince of Goona comes to visit Wongo, the women are all instantly smitten, especially the king’s daughter. The contrived plot goes on, but it only deserves to serve as fodder to a trio of cynical comedians, which it fortunately does.

The Film Crew’s take on the old film serves to spice it up with some much-needed humor. The guys work in as many pop culture references and clever asides as possible,  each adding to the mockery of the 50 year old flick. Though the commentary isn’t quite as biting as their previous efforts, there’s still some funny stuff to be had here. On a big-lipped fish in the credits: “Oh look! It’s an Angelina Jolie fish!” On a God in the shape of an alligator: “The cult of Izod will rise again!” and on an obese woman from the Goona tribe: “Chris Farley’s first role!”

As per The Film Crew’s typical setup, there is a three minute skit introducing the crew, the idea, and the film, thirty minutes of mockery, a three minute “lunch break” skit, the closing thirty minutes of mockery, and a three minute closing skit. While the mockery tracks work exceptionally well – it’s clear these guys are legendary movie mockers – the live-action skits are just a little too forced, feeling more like small town amateur sketch comedy.

The special features include two short clips: “Make the Film Crew Dance!” and “The Film Crew says ‘Goodbye’ Wongo-Style”, both of which are slightly amusing and serve as good followups to the film itself. Wild Women of Wongo is a painfully bad movie deserving of a painfully good commentary track. While The Film Crew succeeds on most accounts, they’ve done better.

Zach’s Rating: B-
Wild cynic of Wongo’s rating: A-
Wild Women of Wongo fan’s rating: D+

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