Ben Cross and Amy Irving star in this haunting love story set against the spectacular sweep of battle, treachery and intrigue in the India of the British Raj.

Born to British parents but raised as Indian, Ashton Pelham-Martyn returns to India as a young military officer, where he fights both local unrest and the cultural prejudices of society. Struggling to reconcile his place in two different worlds, he finds happiness with his childhood sweetheart, Indian princess Anjuli but she is promised to marry another man.

An all-star cast in this DVD, The Far Pavilions includes Christopher Lee, Omar Sharif, Rupert Everett and Sir John Gielgud. It comes with 6 episodes on 2 discs:

Disc 1

Episode 1 – Return to India, Part One

Ashton take a post with the British Corps of Guides on India’s northwest frontier. He struggles to reconcile his Indian upbringing with his place in Anglo society. He courts the beautiful Belinda Harlowe.

Episode 2 – Return to India, Part Two
When he returns from Afghanistan, Ashton is transferred to a desk job with an army regiment. He and Wally become good friends but he clashes with the other officers. As a punishment for a brawl, he is ordered to escort a caravan of princesses to be married, which includes his childhood playmate, Anjuli.

Episode 3 – The Journey to Bhithor, Part One
Prince Jhoti arrives to accompany the procession and he brings Biju Ram with him, who happens to be Ashton’s old enemy. An attempt is made on Jhoti’s life so Ashton tries to discover the saboteur in their midst. Ashton’s feelings for Anjuli grow even though she is about to marry someone else.

Disc 2

Episode 4 – The Journey to Bhithor, Part Two
The procession arrives at Bhithor where the negotiations with the rana do not go so well. Forced to camp in a militarily indefensible position, the convoy seems to be at the prince’s mercy, but Ashton has a few tricks up his sleeve. Ashton urges Anjuli not to marry the rana.

Episode 5 – Wally and Anjuli, Part One

Ashton returns to Mardan, where the Corps of Guides has been fighting across the border. British envoy Cavagnari signs a treaty with Afghanistan’s emir and establishes an embassy in Kabul.

Episode 6 – Wally and Anjuli, Part Two
After making a last stand at the embassy, Ashton goes home. He learns that Anjuli’s husband in dying. She and her sister, Shushila, will have to commit suttee, immolating themselves on his funeral pyre. Ashton concocts a desperate plan to save Anjuli.

Bonus features include:

• Production notes by Amy Irving and Ben Cross
• M.M. Kaye biography and book list

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Jan Barrett

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