This DVD set features a star-studded collection dramatizing two of Evelyn Waugh’s darkly humorous novels. Evelyn Waugh took an uttering aim at the foibles of British society. The Oscar-nominated A Handful of Dust and Scoop has a cast including Kristin Scott Thomas in her breakthrough role, Alec Guinness, Rupert Graves, Stephen Fry, Michael Maloney, Anjelica Huston and Judi Dench.

A Handful of Dust
– We have an upper-crust British marriage, Lady Brenda ( Kristen Scott Thomas) and Tony (played by James Wilby) in the 1930’s working hard on refurbishing their family home. When Brenda gets bored she takes a flat in London for her personal entertainment which includes a gentleman friend, John Beaver whose mother happens to be Brenda’s landlady. While Brenda is involved in her affair with John her son is accidentally killed and later Brenda wants to leave her estate completely for her new lover. Tony refuses to divorce and leaves on a tour in Brazil.

Scoop – Scoop chronicles the misadventures of William Boot (played by Michael Maloney) who is a naive innocent wide eyed nature columnist thrust into the role of war correspondent. Boot is sent to the dusty African republic of Ishmaelia to cover the revolution. He fortunately doesn’t encounter any actual fighting but he does run into a veritable army of eccentrics, feckless journalists, devious government ministers and scheming ex-pats. He does however become captivated by the beautiful but fickle wife of a wayward geologist, Katchen who clearly has an agenda of her own there.

Other stars in Scoop include Denholm Elliot from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Michael Hordern from Shogun and Donald Pleasence from Halloween.

This 2 volume DVD set runs approximately 233 minutes total. The street day for it to go on sale is February 2, 2010. To get your copy of The Evelyn Waugh Collection just click on the Amazon cover art icon at the top and I hope you enjoy it.

Jan Barrett

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