The Crimson and The Petal is a miniseries based on Michael Faber’s international bestseller, a BBC psychological thriller that has won three Royal Television awards and it was nominated for five 2012 BAFTA’s, including best miniseries and best actress.

The four part miniseries follows the life of an ambitious 19 year old prostitute named Sugar (Romala Garai). Sugar navigates the dark underbelly of the gritty and unsettling Victorian London. It is a place filled with violence and madness lurks everywhere, but Sugar is looking for something … she wants a better life for herself.

Sugar works at a brothel that is run by Mrs. Castaway (Gillian Anderson). Sugar is pretty popular amongst the men of London. All of them love to talk about the certain charm that Sugar has.

Will meeting the heir to a perfume business, William Rackman (Chris O’Dowd), be what Sugar has been looking for? Even though William is married and has a son (that neither William or his wife hardly ever sees) Sugar uses her magical charms with sex and ambition to win William over and soon she finds potential power and status by becoming William’s mistress.

The Crimson and The Petal
goes on sale on DVD on September 25, 2012. The DVD set includes 2 DVD’s with 4 episodes. The approximate run time is 244 minutes plus bonus of 11 minutes of deleted scenes and 20 minutes of interviews with Romola Garai and Chris O’Dowd, director Marc Munden and key crew members, and character biographies. It does contain nudity, sexual situations, coarse language and some disturbing images.

Here is a trailer preview of The Crimson and The Petal:

You can get your own copy of The Crimson and The Petal by clicking on the Amazon link above. You can pre-order a copy and they will mail it to you as soon as they come in.

Jan Barrett

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