I must admit I was sceptical, Morgan Freeman as a bad guy? But he plays a masterful role as the head of a squad of hit men. From the opening line of this movie “it’s on” you know that this is going to be action packed, and you are not disappointed.

The tag line for the movie is ‘Every killer meets his equal’, and I have to admit this is a fitting line. Things do not go well for Frank Cardin (Morgan Freeman) when he inadvertently meets up with Ray Keene (John Cusack) and his son Chris (Jamie Anderson) who are on a camping adventure trying to make a father son bond. There are so many curious twists in the plot that to try and unravel it here would spoil the story. This just a pure adrenaline rush from the opening credits, it also has some fabulously funny moments. I really enjoyed Frank Cardin explaining exactly what he does for a job “I’m an exterminator”, when pushed a little further he offers “I eliminate obstacles to progress”. What a great line for a Hit Man!

While there may be honour among thieves, there is not so much honour among Hit Men, as Frank Cardin discovers when the planned hit stats to go awry.

With Washington state as the backdrop the photography is nothing short of breathtaking. Everyone involved in this project is to be applauded, it is a fine action packed romp.

The Contact hit the streets today, so the next time you are in your video store pick it up, you will enjoy it.

Jan (my wife) co-reviewer and I give this two sniper rifles up!

Simon Barrett


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