What makes the world operate the way it does? Are there patterns to what happens or do we live in a universe of random events that cannot be predicted or explained? Author and Oxford University professor Marcus du Sautoy sets out to answer these and other questions in this engaging and entertaining three part documentary series about the power of numbers.

Convinced there is a mathematical formula that can identify patterns and connect everything we see around us, Du Sautoy goes in search of a mysterious hidden code that can unlock the very laws of the universe.

This DVD set, The Code comes with two discs and it has bonus features including “Math Shorts” including Phi’s the Limit, Go Forth and Multiply and Imagining the Impossible: The Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher, a 12 page viewer’s guide with articles on the early history of mathematics, the story of pi, and famous sites and structures by numbers.

On the two discs there are 3 episodes:

Episode 1 – Numbers
Episode 2 – Shapes
Episode 3 – Prediction

I was never that interested in Math but I know lots of people that are really good at it. I could never understand the Algebra part. If you are interested in Math and would like to hear more about the story behind it, this DVD, The Code would be a good one for you. All you have to do to get one is to click on the Amazon icon above and order your own copy.

Jan Barrett

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