Chick Corea is one of musics most undervalued stocks. Somehow he managed to fall through the cracks, yet when it comes to keyboards he can hold his own against the likes of Rick Wakeman or Keith Emerson.

This 1987 concert from Iowa State University is living proof. Yes maybe he does not quite have the finesse of Wakeman, nor the musical instrument destruction gene of Emerson, but what he does have is a very solid keyboard style. Oh, and he is also a user of Moog synths, which puts him in the crème d la crème in my book! If you have the guts and determination to run a Moog, you are someone! They offer the best sound, but people that use them have been known to utter dark threats under their breath about them being slightly cranky.

Joining Chick Corea in this concert are, Dave Weckl on drums, and a very fine mood setting drum performance he puts in, and John Patitucci on Bass Guitar.

This is Jazz like you have never heard before. In fact, I ask myself, is this Jazz? Or is this fusion? I don’t know, but I sure enjoyed it. John Patitucci manages to pull sounds out that just should not be there, based on the law of physics. On occasions he makes the guitar sound more like a Sitar.

This DVD is great stuff, and a great way to experience Chick Corea’s amazing keyboard skills.

You can get your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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