The Brontes of Haworth is a finely crafted portrait that explores the soaring artistic achievements and personal tragedies of England’s most accomplishes literary family. The drama is a sensitive exploration of the Brontes tender and tragic family history. Although it has never aired in the U.S. on TV, the miniseries did air in the U.K. in 1973.

The focus is on the Brontes family which includes the father, Reverend Patrick Bronte (Alfred Burke) whose children are Charlotte (Vickery Turner), Emily (Rosemary McHale), Anne (Ann Penfold) and Branwell (Michael Kitchen). Shelia Raynor plays the maid and nanny, Tabby.

As the children grow into young adults the son, Branwell finds himself struggling to live up to the high expectations from his family and the girls have a problem adapting to the world outside of Haworth as they pursue a writing career.

Eventually the women find commercial success and critical acclaim for their writing but Branwell descends into self-destruction which triggers a series of misfortunes that beset the family.

This series starts out in the year 1826 but it actually mostly covers two decades, from 1835 to 1850. The cast also includes Barbara Leigh-Hunt and Benjamin Whitrow. This DVD set has 5 episodes which are listed below.

1.    The Little King
2.    Home and Abroad
3.    Delusion’s Song
4.    Rewarding Destiny
5.    Silent Is The House

The Brontes of Haworth goes on sale on DVD in the US on February 7, 2012. It has 2 discs and the approximate run time is 260 minutes. It has a bonus feature with background information of the Brontes home in Haworth.

If you would like to get a copy of this DVD set you can click on the Amazon link above and pre-order it.

Jan Barrett

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