Every day seems to be a juggling act, between surviving his messy personal life and pleading cases only he can win, for Henry Farmer (Alan Davies), a clever criminal law banister. Henry fights for justice in the courtroom and against chaos in his own personal life.

The good lawyer is a gambler, with a mountain of debts, he and his son are not close at all, and his father who happens to be a Judge has a sharp tongue. To make matters worse Henry happens to be in love with an important politician’s wife.

Henry works with a tough colleague, Cleo Steyn (Cherie Lunghi) along with a cast of colorful characters including Christopher Fulford and Linda Bassett. He needs all his wit and charm to secure justice for his clients and a reprieve for himself.

This DVD set, The Brief – Complete Collection come with 4 discs which has a total of 8 episodes:

Series 1

Episode 1 – The Road To Hell
Episode 3 – So long Samantha
Episode 3 – Children
Episode 4 – A Sort of Love

Series 2

Episode 1 – Blame
Episode 2 – Lack of Affect
Episode 3 – Forever on The Mind
Episode 4 – The Architect’s Wife

If you like a show with courtroom drama and humor mixed then you will enjoy this DVD set, The Brief – Complete Collection. If you want to get your own copy just click on the Amazon icon above and order one.

Jan Barrett

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