When this DVD, Rise of The Black Bat, came in for reviewing I thought to myself that it is another version of Batman. Since I was never a real Batman fan, I hesitated but then decided OK, I will have to give it a try, I mean how bad could it be, right? I popped it in so I could watch the movie and I have to be honest here, I had a really had a hard time sitting here to watch it. I was completely disappointed but that is just me. I thought maybe someone else might have a different opinion so I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and let the readers decide for themselves after viewing the trailer and reading my review.

Tony Quinn (Jody Hauke) is the District Attorney of a city that is filled with crime. When a certain case against a crime boss in town comes up, Quinn is determined to win his case. He wasn’t counting on an unexpected betrayal of someone he trusted to turn on him by suddenly throwing some acid into his eyes just before trial, causing him to become blind, therefore the trial becomes a mistrial .

Quinn will do anything he has to do in order to get his sight back. He goes all over the world seeing doctors until finally he finds one that thinks they can restore his sight for him. The treatment works but there is a small set back. He receives his sight but now only as night vision. When in the daylight he can’t stand the sunlight.

So now Quinn uses sunglasses during the day and at night he finds himself out fighting crime wearing a bullet proof vest and dressed like a Bat to see to it that anyone committing a crime has to pay.

You can watch the trailer for Rise of The Black Bat below:

So judge for yourself. If you think this is a movie you would like, then click on the Amazon link above and pre-order a copy. It goes on sale on November 18, 2014.

Jan Barrett

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