The Best of Foyle’s War is a series placed in 1940 during World War II. The people in Britain face nightly bombing raids as the country stands almost alone against the might of Nazi Germany. Most of the population fears the seemingly inevitable German invasion.

This mystery series stars Michael Kitchen as Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle that fights his own war as he investigates murder, robbery and espionage on the south coast of England. Foyle isn’t like most other detectives that would automatically jump to conclusions and speak before their time. He would take the time to contemplate, weigh and choose wisely. He would rather take the risk of getting himself into trouble with his superiors than to taking the chance of identifying and arresting the culprit.

With all the chaos going on with the war and all, Foyle still manages to keep his cool and he actually has a great sense of humor. Although his wife died eight years ago, he still grieves for her which causes him to shut off any chances of happiness in his personal life.

Detective Foyle works for the Hastings Police on the south coast of England. He was denied a transfer into the war effort so he finds himself forced to confront the darkest acts of humanity on a daily basis.

Foyls’s job includes investigating murders, looting and theft, crimes of opportunism, crimes of war, crimes of passion and crimes of greed all because crime doesn’t stop just because there is a war going on. He does his job with the help of his official driver, Sam (Honeysuckle Weeks) and his subordinate, Paul Milner (Anthony Howell).

This DVD set includes 6 different mysteries:

1. The German Woman – Foyle’s town that is normally a peaceful place now seems to be filled with suspects after a gruesome murder is discovered.

2. Eagle Day – A plot is discovered to steal treasures from a local museum.

3. Fifty Ships – American aid donations are put at risk when a body on a deserted beach is discovered.

4. Among The Few – Am illicit fuel racket being investigated ends up becoming personal to Foyle.

5. The French Drop – Foyle finds himself caught up in the rivalry between British spy agencies.

6. Bad Blood – Foyle’s driver’s life is threatened when a biological warfare experiment goes wrong.

The Best of Foyle’s War comes with 6 discs totaling with approximately 600 minutes of running time. There is a bonus with interviews with Anthony Horowitz, Anthony Howell and Honeysuckle Weeks, plus behind the scenes featurette, photograph gallery and more.

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Jan Barrett

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