The Best Of Dr. KatzAs I’ve previously put myself down as a huge fan of “Dr. Katz” and the majority of his hilarious patients (in my rather extensive review of The Complete Series) I’m not going to go into extreme detail on the history of the show or give much background on what the show is about. If you’re contemplating the “Best of” collection, you most likely have at least some passing knowledge of the series itself. So, suffice it to say that Dr. Katz is a hapless animated therapist voiced by Jonathan Katz who has innumerable patients, most of whom happen to be celebrities and stand-up comedians using bits from their acts as therapy confessions. It’s a schtick that works wonders most of the time, and even when it fails typically pulls at least a laugh or two.

This new “Best of” collection features 110 minutes of therapy sessions from 18 well-known comedians and actors, including Dave Attell, Dave Chappelle, Margaret Cho, David Cross, Susie Essman, Kathy Griffin, Kevin Nealon, Ray Romano, and Sarah Silverman. Each bit is relatively short (obviously) and this helps concentrate the laughs, but there’s still not much of the interaction between Dr. Katz and his slacker son Ben or Dr. Katz and his apathetic receptionist Laura (Laura Silverman) that help to sell the show. The therapy bits still work, but without the storylines and the Ben/Laura interaction there’s just something missing… or maybe I’m just that kind of Dr. Katz fan.

Overall, this “Best of” set works if you’re looking to get a taste of the show’s “squigglevision” stylings without overloading on episodes and character stories (the complete set is 10 discs and contains four years of material). I’m not positive that this 110 minutes is necessarily the “Best” of the series, but it’s definitely worth watching, and unless you’re ready to lay down $100 for the entire series box set, this is a good runner-up purchase as it offers the celebrity cameos in a condensed way without asking you to follow any of the relationship stories between Dr. Katz and his son.

Zach’s Rating: B
Perfect For: A mildly interested Dr. Katz fan looking for a few quick laughs from familiar faces
Stay Away if: You’d like to be more invested in the story

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