Award winning playwright and screenwriter, Alan Plater has returned with the debut on DVD with a third Beiderbecke mystery which is as quirky and fun as the first two. The Beiderbecke Connection was aired on public TV in the 1990’s along with the first two, The Beiderbecke Affair and The Beiderbecke Tapes.

In The Beiderbecke Connection we have Trevor Chaplin, played by James Bolam and Jill Swinburne, played by Barbara Flynn. Trevor and Jill are teachers that have settled down at a run-down school in Leeds. They are the proud parents to a son whom they chose to call Firstborn.

Trevor happens to be a huge jazz fan while Jill on the other hand prefers to do what she can to try to save the planet. A friend of this couple’s came to them asking a huge favor from them. They asked them to care for a child refugee whose name is Ivan but they say even with that name the boy isn’t that terrible.

Before they know it Trevor and Jill both end up harboring criminals while under police surveillance and they work really hard convincing the headmaster of the school that the new school supplies that the school has received are not stolen goods that the kids got for them.

In The Beiderbecke Connection you will recognize some of the characters from the first two sets of the series like Big Al, Little Norm, Detective Sgt. Hobson who is now Detective Inspector Hobson, PhD, and the former town planner, Mr. Pitt.

The Beiderbecke Connection will be available on DVD starting March 2, 2010. It comes in a 2-Volume Boxed set with 4 episodes. The approximate running time on it is a total of 204 minutes.

To get a copy for your own viewing pleasures click on the Amazon link above and enjoy.

Jan Barrett

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