Wind your clocks back to the late 60’s, it was a truly interesting period. High in conflict, the Vietnam War was consuming Americas youth in frightening numbers, and presidential approval was so low that the only president with worse ratings is our current one, George W. Bush. You need an electron microscope and a school full of PhD’s to discover GW’s approval rating. My theory is that it is some small community in the middle of Montana that has no access to TV, Radio, or the Internet, and has no clue about the world outside of their 40 acres!

Aside from the political issues, the late 60’s had huge amounts of racial tension. Inner cities were burning, literally! The 60’s also gave us the summer of love. The Hippies ruled in Frisco and Woodstock. The average middle class American was shocked by the idea of Free Love, Drugs, and musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

Enter the Beach Boys. Happy surf dudes from sunny Southern California, young, good looking guys surrounded by young bikini wearing female fans. This must have caused apoplexy in the bible belt, where there is an unwritten 11th commandment ‘Thou shalt not have fun’! For the rest of America though, they represented a new and and exciting youth. The surfing music style had arrived.

manson-33.jpgThe question is, were they what they seemed? And this is the question that is explored in The Beach Boys And The Satan. The Satan in this particular case is none other than everyones favorite cult leader, Charles Manson.

What few people realize is that Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson was part of The Family. He had drifted away shortly before the horrendous murders of Sharon Tate and her friends, but he is forever a part of the story.

The Beach Boys And The Satan is a very well put together movie, using vintage footage, contemporary interviews, and a thoughtful voice over, it gives much food for thought. That summer of love, might well have been something else.

You can get your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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