I will be the first to admit that I am not much of a horse fan, as a child one stood on my foot, so I much prefer to view them from a distance. They are however wonderfully graceful animals. Watching them move is a joy in fluid motion. Well unless you are sat on the animal! I found it a Pain in the butt 🙂 .  I guess I just didn’t have the rhythm to ride.

There are many breeds of horses, and probably the most famous to TV viewers are the Clydesdales featured in beer commercials. But they are just one breed. A well known car maker has used the wild Mustangs for decades in their adverts. However the greatest and most game changing breed of horse comes from a different lineage. It is the Arabian.

This breed of horse knows few bounds. Sleek, elegant and fast, the Arabian was indeed a gift from the desert. It is unclear where, or why, or even how, the horse became part of our development and growth. But it certainly has a history as a domesticated animal that reaches back at least 4,500 years.

There is a whole story about the Arabian Horse that is not so well understood, nor appreciated. The breed that today we call the thoroughbred, a breed known for its great speed, can be traced back to just three Arabian Sires.

The spread of the Arabian Horse from its desert origins is also in many ways the story of the rise and fall of several civilizations. It is easy to understand the spread of this wonderful creature across the Eurasian land mass, but how did it make its way to America?

The journey is a wonderful story all by itself, and I won’t spoil it here! I will say that oil production and consumption play a significant role, but with a strange twist that I had never stumbled across before. Like most kids I really had no interest in history at school. It seemed a dry and boring subject. I was wrong, history is a fabulous and rich textured subject.

The Arabian Horse: The Gift From The Desert is a fine example of  why history is so important, this is a great documentary. You do not need to be a horse lover to enjoy it. The clips of vintage film are wonderful, and the new footage added is quite frankly stunning. I would love to see this documentary in an Imax theater.

A taste of the DVD can be found in the trailer.

The absolute hook though is not the video, rather the narrator. The voice is charismatic, knowledgeable, and with a gentle Irish lilt. An email to the always helpful distributor Janson Media solved the mystery. It is Gavin Carney. A quick Google search reveals why he was the perfect choice for this project.

You can get your own copy of The Arabian Horse: A Gift From The Desert by using the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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