Recently, I have had the great pleasure to review the DVD series, Testament, prior to the May 25th release of the DVD collection. If you have ever wondered about the state of biblical archeology in the 21st century, like I often do, this series is one you must own.
Dr. John Romer, one of the best known archaeologists is the field of biblical archeology takes the viewer on a magnificent journey to the foundational roots of the Bible. The series is filmed on location in most of the ancient sites of biblical events, including Jericho, Jerusalem & Egypt. Most questions that are normally asked about the origins of the Bible are logically and methodically explored in great detail by Dr. Romer. In addition to tracing the great historical roots of the Old and New Testaments the series carefully and sensitively examines the spiritual developments of the great religions of Christianity and Judaism by actually visiting the sites of their greatest accomplishments and achievements.
In addition to visiting the ancient sites, the host quite easily takes the viewer through a lesson in biblical archeology that is vibrant and relevant to an inquisitive world in 2010 looking for answers to their faith. Stories ranging from the Garden of Eden, to the Flood of Noah and the events of the Hebrew Exodus are all covered extensively by Dr. Romer as he quite happily wanders through the ancient world and holy sites for both Christians and Jewish believers alike.
While most people do not immediately pick biblical archeology as the first DVD series they might choose to explore, this DVD series is indispensable to any collection for students of all faiths, seeking to understand the world’s religious roots. If indeed anyone has ever read through the Bible, and had some questions regarding the origins of the theological stories, this series provides answers in a professional and academic manner, while remaining sensitive to the biblical theology.
May 25, 2010 is the release date for the series on DVD. The series was originally broadcast on Discovery Channel in 1988. It is available for preorder at Acorn Media Group. Their website is . The price of the collection is $59.99

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